Animal Nuisance

Barking Dogs

Continuously barking dogs can be an annoyance for anyone living nearby. barking dog complaints are the hardest of all animal related complaints to enforce in the City of Cabot.  Any legal action requires an Animal Services Officer or Police Officer to witness the excessive barking.  Animal Services Officers will investigate complaints of barking dogs during normal hours of operation.  During normal business hours (8am - 5pm/M-F) please call Animal Control at 501-843-2021.  

Encountering a dangerous Animal

Residents who see an animal they believe to be dangerous or vicious should not approach the animal and immediately contact Animal control.  You should be ready to provide all details necessary for the officer, such as the location and description so that they can quickly locate and contain the animal. 

Roaming Cats and Dogs

For dogs or cats roaming without an owner, during business hours, please call Animal Control.  Animal Control Officers do not respond to roaming dogs and cats after hours.  Dog and cat owners are required to keep their dogs and cats under their immediate "physical" control anytime the pet is outside their home or fence.

Stray Animals

If you found a stray animal, contact Animal Control.  Stray animals are impounded, vaccinated, and cared for while waiting for an owner to come forward.  Animals are not placed for adoption until 5 business days have passed.  The Cabot Animal Shelter has a very high rate of adoptions and is continuously improving its adoption and return to owner rates.  Regular veterinary care is provided for shelter animals and those injured or sick animals that are picked up by Animal Control Officers.   

Deceased Animals on Roadway

If you notice a deceased animal (wildlife or domestic) on any street, sidewalk, or other public space please contact Animal Control so we can remove the animal. 


Cabot citizens who have nuisance wildlife that has made entry into the attic or crawlspace of their homes can contact one of the local wildlife removal businesses to request a humane trap be set.  Cabot Animal Services will provide traps to citizens of Cabot for a $60 "fully refundable" deposit.  Citizens are allowed to purchase their own humane trap to capture nuisance wildlife.  Animal Services Officers will pick up and relocate the wildlife once it is humanely trapped and removed from the attic or crawlspace.

Trapping Best Practices/Animal Services Requests

  • Jaw traps, leg hold traps, snare traps or any other trap designed to kill or maim are strictly prohibited.
  • Traps should not be set in any area that would be considered a hazard for animals, such as drainage ditches, rooftops or unleveled surfaces what the trap would be in danger of falling.
  • Traps should not be set during periods of excessive heat or cold temperatures or during inclement weather.
  • Any trapped animal must be released, unharmed outside the City limits within 24 hours of being trapped per Arkansas game and Fish regulations.