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All open job opportunities will be posted below under Current Openings. Any open positions will be on the website a minimum of 10 calendar days. If interested in applying for an open position, please submit an online application by clicking on the Simple Job Application Form below. All accepted applications will be kept on file for six months. If you do not have access to the internet, there is a computer kiosk in City Hall where you can apply.

The City of Cabot only accepts applications if there is a job opening or if you are applying for Patrol Officer or Firefighter. If you submit an application that does not meet this criteria, your application will be discarded. You must apply for the job listed and list that as the job you are applying for. Applying for "all" or "any" will result in your application being discarded.

If you apply for Patrol Officer or Firefighter when a testing period is not currently posted, we will keep your application up to six months. If a testing period happens within that six months, you will be eligible for that exam. 

Please be aware, if you are interested in applying for Cabot Parks and Recreation or Cabot Waterworks; they both have their own employment pages on their websites.

Current Openings

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Applying Online

Applicants may submit their application online through the Simple Job Application Form